Product Advantages
Uwe Rusch

Total inventory control, decreasing inventory costs, decreasing and balancing labor costs, serving consistent quality Cocktails & Long Drinks, fast and easy preparation of drinks complying with the standards of the International Bartender Association in terms of taste.

The customer honors natural high quality Cocktails & Long Drinks. Your body can feel nature. All our products are natural (colors, flavors). No preservatives are added. The customers feels the quality, the smooth texture and well balanced flavors with ever sip, honoring this experience by repeat visits of your location.

The operators advantages are obvious. The Portion Management avoids the loss of raw materials, due to spillage or product theft. Another very important effect of the portion management is the consistence of the quality of each single serving without having a skilled bar tender on your side. Anyone can prepare the Cocktails & Long Drinks. Nothing but Juice and the CORDIALS base is necessary in order to prepare a high quality Cocktail or Long Drinks. The alcoholics contain already the required spirits.

You don't pay anymore for expensive branded spirits, wasting valuable resources. Its simply not correct that you can taste the difference of the spirit brands by drinking a Cocktail or Long Drink. It is scientifically proven that the human taste receptors cannot detect the differences. The sugar and flavor content is simply to dominant. Therefore is no need to use expensive branded spirits for Cocktail & Long Drink beverages. The great result is a noticeable decrease of investment in your inventory.

Due to the cost efficiency of the CORDIALS beverage concept your costs are a fraction of the cost the traditional Cocktails & Long Drinks preparation method.