The Beverage Concept

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks Product & Concept Specifications. Looking to make your hospitality account more profitable? Join thousands of other hospitality account owners & managers who use our leading and natural beverage concept to get better results & build a more successful business.

John Allister, Market Research

According to market research, the CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks beverage concept is a new and unique beverage category.

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Liam Henderson, Dallas

Mocktails are non-alcoholic Cocktails, often offered for designated drivers, pregnant women, children or any guest who choose not to drink alcohol.

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Frank Bruni, NY Times Column

Cocktails With a Twist: Zing but No Alcohol. A column that celebrates drinking should pause every once in a while to celebrate not drinking, given that alcohol is a two-edged sword:

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