Americano 25 - 50 Servings

Classic Cocktail


1 Liter/ 33.82 f.OZ (US)
6,22% Alc. Vol. per Cocktail
Amount of Alcohol from Base 28% Alc. Vol.

One Bottle serves 25-50 Cocktail Portions of Alcohol Fruit-flavored Cordial.
Considering the Volume of the Ice Cubes the Bar Tender can serve up to 50 Cocktail Portions per Bottle.

Cocktail Preparation:
1.4 oz/ 40 ml Base + 4.8 oz/ 140 ml Orange Juice, shake well with Ice and strain into a Glass filled with fresh Ice Cubes, garnish with fresh Fruit and serve.


Originally named the Milano Torina and mixing Campari from Milan with Vermouth from Turin, this Drink started Lips smacking in Italian Cafés during the mid 1800´s, before being christened the Americano, after the American Tourists who enjoyed it so much.

Classic Recipe:

1 oz Campari
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
Ice Cubes
Soda Water to top or Orange Juice (Southern Italy)
Lemon Zest to spritz