Sex on the Beach 25 - 50 Servings

Alcoholic CocktailAlcoholic
Classic Cocktail


1 Liter/ 33.82 f.OZ (US)
6,22% Alc. Vol. per Cocktail
Amount of Alcohol from Base 28% Alc. Vol.

One Bottle serves 25-50 Cocktail Portions of Alcohol Fruit-flavored Cordial.
Considering the Volume of the Ice Cubes the Bar Tender can serve up to 50 Cocktail Portions per Bottle.

Cocktail Preparation:
1.4 oz/ 40 ml Base + 4.8 oz/ 140 ml Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice, shake well with Ice and strain into a Glass filled with fresh Ice Cubes, garnish with fresh Fruit and serve.


There are several stories but we like this one:

The earliest known invention of the cocktail and name dates back to 1987 in Florida, USA. A distributor had just begun to sell a new product, peach schnapps, in the autumn.

With many tourists due for the spring holiday the distributor devised a contest that would pay the bar that sold the most peach schnapps a bonus of $1000 and the bartender that was responsible at that bar for the highest sales would receive $100.

A young bartender named Ted, working at Confetti's Bar, mixed up a peach schnapps, vodka, orange juice and grenadine cocktail. When Ted began to sell the drink, he was asked what it was called.

On the spot, Ted thought what the main reason was that people came to Florida for their Spring break – it was The Beach and Sex.

"Sex on the Beach!" he replied, and as the drink gained fame that spring, thousands of students returned home and asked their local bartenders for ‘Sex on the Beach.’

The bartenders did not know how to make a drink they had never heard of so they asked around and this led to the many regional variations of the drink.

Classic Recipe:

1 1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Pecher Mignon
2 oz Cranberry Juice
2 oz Orange Juice