Big Apple 50 - 100 Servings

Non-Alcoholic CocktailNon-Alcoholic
Classic Cocktail


1 Liter/ 33.82 f.OZ. (US)
0% Alc. Vol. per Cocktail
Amount of Alcohol from Base 0% Alc. Vol.

One Bottle serves 50-100 Cocktail Portions of Premium Quality Fruit-flavored Cordial.

Considering the Volume of the Ice Cubes the Bar Tender can serve up to 100 Cocktail Portions per Bottle.

Cocktail Preparation:

0.7 oz/ 20 ml Base + 6.8 oz/ 200 ml Orange Juice, shake well with Ice Cubes and strain into a Glass filled with fresh Ice, garnish with fresh Fruit and serve.

Cocktail History

Mary Pickford (1892-1979) was a silent film star, nicknamed “America’s Sweetheart.” She married actor Douglas Fairbanks (1883-1939), and it was probably during a 1922 trip to Cuba that the Mary Pickford Cocktail originated. “We lunched with the Hicklings at the Sevilla, well, off red snapper and heart of palm salad, with a Mary Pickford cocktail” was cited in print in 1926. “The Mary Pickford, invented during a visit to Havana of the screen favorite by Fred Kaufman, is two-thirds pineapple-juice and one-third white rum, with a dash of grenadine” was cited in the book When It’s Cocktail Time in Cuba (1928) by Basil Wool. Fred Kaufman worked at the Hotel Sevilla, then called the Sevilla-Biltmore Hotel.

The Mary Pickford's Big Apple Cocktail is sometimes credited to the bar at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, but this hotel was built if 1930—after the cocktail already existed. Popular mixologist Eddie Woelke of Havana’s Jockey Club has been credited since 1955 for originating the drink, but it’s probable that the 1926 and 1928 citations crediting Fred Kaufman of the Sevilla-Biltmore Hotel are correct. The following recipe is the non-alcoholic version of the Big Apple.

Classic Recipe:

1/2 Green Apple

1 oz Creme de Menthe

2 oz Apple Juice

Sugar Syrup

Orange Juice